Monday, November 15, 2010

Poker Face Necklace

This is a fun project that we do at community events with kids.  They LOVE it and usually make several.  It is addicting.  To really bling it up, attach several to a chain and create a charm necklace. 

Spray paint poker chips any desired color.  We used Purple, gold, silver, black and red.  Drill a small hole in the top edge of poker chip, and add a large jump ring. 

Glue a 1 inch punched circle of scrapbook paper, magazine clipping, wallpaper, sheetmusic or whatever graphic paper element you wish.  Add glitter, buttons, rhinestones, sequins, whatever else you like for bling.  Top with Diamond Glaze. 

Thread cording or twine through jump ring and you're done.

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