Monday, November 15, 2010

Bamboo placemat pendants

I am a placemat junkie.  I admit to scouring every store I go to for interesting placemats made from unusual materials.  Shells, wood, fibers, canvas...  I love them all.  But interestingly enough, I never use them as intended.  I deconstruct them and make jewelry with them. 

These pendants are very popular.  Everyone who sees them wants to know how I did them, and where did I get the stuff to make them. 

You need to get some images.  Check Etsy, ebay or you own personal stash for items you can use.  Once you have your images, scan them, resize them to the size of the tile, and then photocopy them on a color laser copier at Kinkos, and trim them to the size of the bamboo rectangle.  Glue the image directly to the tile with gel medium, and top with diamond glaze or Ice resin.. 

Thread wire through the holes in the tile, and make a loop.  Hang from a beaded necklace or chain, or a simple silk cord will work too. 

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